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VSP explosion-proof strong vacuum self-priming pump

Self Priming Pump

VSP explosion-proof strong vacuum self-priming pump



    ● VSP powerful vacuum self-priming pump is a high-performance and high-efficiency pump product widely used in fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food. This pump adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, and has the following characteristics:
    ● Strong Vacuum: The VSP strong vacuum self suction pump adopts advanced vacuum technology, which can achieve liquid self suction under high vacuum conditions, greatly improving work efficiency and production efficiency.
    ● Strong self-priming ability: The pump adopts a high-quality self-priming design, which can automatically suck liquids without the need for manual liquid addition, reducing manual operation errors and improving work efficiency.
    ● Energy saving and environmental protection: The motor of the pump adopts a high efficiency and low energy consumption design, which can reduce energy waste and meet environmental requirements.
    ● Stable and reliable: The pump adopts high-quality materials and precision manufacturing technology, ensuring the stability and reliability of the pump, and can maintain high efficiency and low noise during long-term operation.
    ● Multi functional performance: This pump is suitable for conveying various liquids, including clean water, sewage, chemical liquids, etc. It can be widely used in industries such as chemical, metallurgical, construction, and environmental protection.

    Performance Parameter

    Type mm m3/h m  kw
    VSP-25A 25x25 2~6 2~10 2.2
    VSP-25B 25x25 2~8 2~15 2.2~3
    VSP-50A 50x50 2~12 4~14 3~4
    VSP-50B 50x50 2~18 6~20 4 ~5.5
    VSP-50A-PLUS 50x50 3~14 4~23 3~4
    VSP-50B-PLUS 50x50 3~20 7~35 5.5~7.5
    VSP-65A 65x65 3~26 8~29 7.5
    VSP-65B 65x65 6~50 10~38 11
    VSP-80A 80x80 45~65 2~21 11~15
    VSP-80B 80x80 55~70 6~17 15~18.5