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Diesel Engine Self Priming Sewage Water Pump

Self Priming Pump

Diesel Engine Self Priming Sewage Water Pump

This type of diesel engine pump with trailer is a new structure product develped after repeated study of domestic and foreign similar technology. This pump group sets combines the advantages of self-priming and non-block sewage discharge ability, adopt diesel engine drive, when using, do not need to install bottom valve and no priming water needed. Pump group can discharge impurity medium containing bulk solids and fiber, and can be widely applicable to municipal sewage and flood control, agricultural irrigation, etc.

This pump group has the features of simple structure, good self-priming performance, high sewage discharge capability, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient operation and maintenance, or outdoor movable design, is the domestic initiative in diesel pump series.


    Working Conditions

    1). Environmental temperature≤ 50º C, medium temperature≤ 80º C, special request could reach 200 º C.
    2). Medium pH value 2-13.
    3). Medium gravity not more than 1240kg/m3.
    4). Npsh cannot exceed 4.5-5.5 meters, the suction pipe length≤ 10 meters.

    Diesel Engine Drive Self Priming Water Pump Standard scope of Supply

    1). Diesel pump unit: Diesel engine, water pump, cooling fan, cooling water tank, steel structure base (including fuel tank 80-120L), battery, connecting wires, exhaust muffler, control panel.
    2). Standard design is the pump group, the fuel tank, control panel, battery composite type.
    3). Can be designed according to customer requirement pump group, the fuel tank, control panel, battery, outdoor rainproof cabinet composite outdoor type.
    4). Can be designed according to customer requirement trailer (four or two wheels) moveable type.

    Operation Procedures Of Diesel Engine

    1. Storage battery shall be connected and attention shall be paid to positive and negative poles. Positive pole shall be connected to a cable lug of motor and negative pole shall be connected to the body; (attention: storage battery can be used after being placed for a long time and charged!!!).
    2. Water tank shall be filled with cooling liquid (water) and anti-freezing agent in a certain proportion shall be added into radiator in case of ambient temperature lower than zero degree.
    3. Diesel engine shall be filled with engine oil (for diesel engine) to the scale line of engine oil scale and shall not be started without engine oil.
    4. Fuel tank shall be filled with diesel. In case of start-up for the first time or after shutdown for a long time, hand pump on diesel engine shall be repeatedly pressed with hands to discharge air  in fuel oil system.
    5. Inspection shall be carried out on oil level of lubricating oil, liquid level of cooling liquid and fuel quantity. It shall be checked whether there is oil and water leakage in pipelines and joints in  systems such as oil supply, lubricating, cooling etc. of diesel engine, whether electrical circuit has broken, possibly causing electric leakage, whether there is looseness in electrical circuit of grounding wire and whether the unit and base are connected firmly. (See Instructions in diesel engine toolbox for details).