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6-inch self priming sewage pump sent to North America


6-inch self priming sewage pump sent to North America


The SP type non clogging self-priming sewage pump adopts advanced sewage pump technology, with strong self-priming ability. Even without vacuum assisted devices, the suction head can still reach 8 meters; Cleverly opening dirt holes on the pump makes it easy to remove any remaining impurities inside the pump body. The semi open impeller can pass through a 76mm solid. The design of the cleaning port and semi open impeller truly achieves the non clogging effect of the pump. This series of self priming pumps is mainly used for pumping domestic sewage, urban sewage, agricultural sewage, and cleaning sewage.

Our North American customer ordered 20 6-inch self-priming sewage pumps from our company in 2021, and this year they have also ordered 10 units and 10 rotor assemblies as spare parts. The 6-inch SP self-priming sewage pump has a flow rate of up to 300 cubic meters, and the driving method can be either an electric motor or a diesel engine.

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